I have unique traffic survey requirements – can you help me?

Please contact us – we are going to do our best to fulfill your custom surveying needs.

How are you collecting data?

We are using different methods depends on the site and our client requirements. Some of the equipment that we are using are wireless video cameras and analytic software, pneumatic road tubes and laser detectors.

What about privacy?

We are always making sure to make sure that no one other than our client has access to our data and in the case of using video cameras, we are always given our client statistic data but not video footage itself. Our videos are destroyed at the end of any contract, and only mathematical data is kept for future use.

Issues with our equipment

We always make sure to place our equipment in a most convenient place but if the location of our equipment inconvenient you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form on the website – please make sure to provide either location of equipment or tag serial number placed on the device itself.